The Best Casinos for Thrillseekers

We have travelled the world looking for the biggest thrills, and an undeniable contender for an unparalleled adrenaline rush is the risky and exciting world of gambling. The psychological reason as to why gambling is so thrilling is because a large amount of dopamine is released in the brain’s pleasure and reward centre. This leads to a rush of euphoria, or a “natural high”. There are over 1500 big win casinos in the United States alone, and we have listed the very best and biggest casinos in the world below.

  1. Borgatta Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic City

    Borgatta Hotel

This casino has a gaming floor of an unbelievable 161,000 square feet, with a total of 4100 gaming machines and 285 card and table games. It is the 10th largest casino in the world.


  1. MGM Macao, China

    MGM Macao

We revisit Macao for a casino that has a gaming floor of 221,952 square feet, with 835 gaming machines and 410 card and table games. It is the 6th largest casino in the world.


  1. Ponte 16 Resort, Macao, China

    The Ponte 16

This great golden building contains a gaming floor of 270,000 square feet, with 320 gaming machines, 150 card and table games, and is the 4th largest casino in the world.


  1. City of Dreams Resort, Macao, China

    City of Dreams

This magnificent casino has a game floor that covers a total of 420,000 square feet, with 1,350 gaming machines, 520 card and table games. It is the second largest casino in the world.


  1. The Venetian Macao, China

    The Venetian Macao

Finally, the biggest casino in the world has a gaming floor that covers a staggering 546,000 square feet, with 3000 gaming machines and 870 card, real money online slots and table games.