Conquering the Marble Mountains

Hoai Bungee JumpingMy name is Hoai Linh, and I am a total adrenaline junkie. Growing up in Vietnam, the first extreme sport I participated in was rappelling on a Marble Mountain tour when I was in college. The very thought of such insanity, and the very real possibility of a fatal accident, gripped me. The sheer joy I felt after dangling over the edge of a sheer cliff face was indescribable… first, absolute terror zinged through my veins… making my primal, animal instincts rise to the surface of my consciousness… moments of panic… then, absolute calm took hold of me.

I had conquered the Marble Mountain, and my fear of the abyss below. The high was incredible. I felt such ecstasy as I had never felt in my life. After Marble Mountain, I became obsessed. Forever seeking the next thrill. And it made me feel so ALIVE. Now, when I am not pursuing extreme sports, I am based in Sydney, Australia.

I created this website to document my journey to find the biggest thrills. Besides finding the real vegas online casino instant play to also review the many experiences that are on offer around the world. Abseiling, formula racing, yak skiing, skydiving, bull running… I’ve done it all. If you are an adrenaline junkie like me, I am sure you know that there’s nothing on earth like the rush… the feeling of the frailty of mortality, and the incredible high that comes from overcoming the odds… from feeling invincible. Please feel free to share your own extreme experiences in the comments.